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What Paint for Farm Signs?

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I've cut a pair of farm signs for either side of our farm gateway. They are 9 mm mild steel - two parts, a backing, and the lettering that will be raised off the backing 25 mm by delrin pillars and held together by M6 stainless hardware. They will each be fitted to a pair of standard scaffold tube set vertically in the manner of urban road name signs.

The background will be white, and the lettering black.

As these will be placed in my verge at the side of a busy trunk road they take a bit of blasting from muck and grit as lorries go past.

My first thought was to have them hot dip galvanised before painting, but I suspect that the zinc will web across the gaps in the lettering.

Then I thought perhaps electro-zinc plated, but can't find a local place to do it.

So back to paint - perhaps a heavy zinc rich primer followed by an epoxy - but I've never used the stuff, so I would really welcome suggestions from the knowledgeable members.

BTW these weigh A LOT so sending them afar is not easy - that's a metre rule below one of them.

John Rudd:
What about 2 pack based paint? Isnt there a car body repairers nearby that could flash over your signs with a bit of paint? Or what about a commercial vehicle builders using coach paint? That is fairly hard wearing and durable....

Alternatively, Hammerite?

Good thinking John, I'll make some calls  :thumbup:

Try talking with Craig at Buzzweld. He has some gloss black finishes and rust preventing primers that get used on the underside of vehicles.

Can be sprayed, brushed, rollered, or comes in aerosols.



I have a quick glance at the subject first and I though you were asking  "what paint for farm pigs?"  :lol:


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