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Hello, bit of an odd request but I'm looking for a source for a representation of a boiler, not an actual working model, just something that looks like a boiler (preferably a twin burner horizontal type). This is for a retirement gift for a work colleague who is about to retire and just a small memento of his time in our boiler house. We have 4 15MW Cochran twin burner boilers and looking to get a small model of one of them, something like a salesman type model or the like. Hope someone might be able to help.

Pretty easy request to solve,

Since you work in a boiler room there has to be copious pipe fittings and instrumentation fittings and tube, cobble something together that looks to scale and spray paint to finish.


Thanks for the reply, yes it might come to that but not a lot of time left but still might be possible. Might try contacting Cochrans themselves to see if they have anything suitable, not looking for anything extravagant, a plastic representation would do as its just a keepsake, not his actual retirement present, but like the idea of using fittings.

If you do contact Cochrans, ask if they have a good quality print or photograph that you could get framed. Sure to be something in their sales department?
    I realize it's not a model boiler as you requested but could make a great memento.
    John B

May not be exactly what you're after, but this just popped-up on JS's "homeworkshop" site



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