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Hi Lads

Have any of you used a Airless Paint Sprayer ? ( emulsion/masonry  paint )   I am looking for a quick lazy way to brighten up my workshop walls and was wondering if they are any good .

Cheers, Rob  :beer:

I used one to paint the barn walls and ceiling before kitting it out as a workshop

It was a big commercial Graco one like this:

Bought it on ebay, used it then sold it again on ebay (though about 5 years later!)

Did the whole lot in two coats off a scaffold tower in half a day (about 1500 sq foot floor area)

Hi Andrew

I was thinking more DIY than industrial  :dremel: 


I did the walls at work with a body schults (under seal) gun
It worked great with exterior grade emulsion


I have tried an airless spray gun with emulsion but not a great success I'm afraid. Probably didn't get paint dilute enough and just got very frustrated and took it back as it did not work. :hammer:

Can you not borrow a paint gun and compressor?

Did my shop with a roller and standard emulsion straight onto the breeze block, worked fine.

Now bought a Dulux paint pod- bloody marvelous gadget for ceilings etc.


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