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Ginger Nut:
Thanks to Ian aka howsitwork for the pm.

No Ian not completley under the  :whip: just flat out with a major wood project a request by LOML although I new we needed one. This is an out door setting for us, family and visitors 2mLx 900W x750H for the table all Murbau still in progress about 1/2 way. Bench seat completed 1900Lx450Hx370W

Along with still sorting out the house and workshop in our new digs in SE-QLD tahst South East Queensland. Its hard going from a single garage to a double and the jobs seem to grow in size and requests LOL.

The story of the project

Finished Bench and beginning of table

Good to see you back on the forum. I stand by what I said about SWMBO cracking the whip. :bow:

Nice work mate. Just need to make a hang on side table for the bench end to accommodate a tinny or two ?

By the way if you're looking for sympathy - wait until you get  to go from a double garage down to a single, then you'll wince! :smart:


Looking mighty fine  Ging    :clap: :clap: :clap: 


Ginger Nut:
Thanks Ian well ok BUT with mate who came up from Sydney he's helped by fitting a laundry shelf (damn if I could reach), then heped cut the last of the table parts now just sanding apply finish and assemble. Maybe next week it'll be finished.  :D

Ginger Nut:

--- Quote from: RobWilson on November 12, 2016, 06:04:51 PM ---Looking mighty fine  Ging    :clap: :clap: :clap: 


--- End quote ---

Thanks Rob lets hope it stays looking that way over the years.


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