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This boat sunk during the hurricane Mathew and the coast guard asked us if we could re float it as it was leaking fuel and oil into the water. So we organized some lift bags and other gear and hopped in and 10 hours later had her tied up in a slip in the marina. As she had been sitting on her shafts and props, the stuffing boxes where leaking a lot and she wanted to sink again as none of the on board pumps or any other electrical systems worked, we decided to tow her to a ramp, haul her out and put her on blocks. The owner does not want her back, so we now have a project boat.
Going to rip everything out and change the engines from the crusaders that are in there to Cummins diesels. Then turn her into a work / fishing boat for charter trips. Should be ready by next season.



John Rudd:
Nice looking boat you got there... :thumbup:
And plenty of work to keep you busy by the sound of things.....I could come and help.... :lol:

Where about in the States are you? The bridge in the background looks familiar....but then there's probably lots of bridges thst look like that....? :clap:

Hope you post some pictures of rhe rebirth.....please....

I am on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina. The bridge is the one that goes to the mainland 278

Presumably it was subject of an insurance claim, so presumably (again) the owner is the insurance company ?

They wrote her off and don't want her. But they have to foot the bill for us lifting and hauling her out because she was leaking oil and fuel into the water around her.


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