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For.. my own reasons.. I needed a whole lot of 12mm lead balls.
Previously I had cast a bunch of 9mm balls using a modified fishing sinker mold, an old sauspan, the gas hotplate, and my wifes absense....

But now I needed a WHOLE LOT of 12mm balls.
So I lashed up the below, part of which consisted of a commercial, 50 cal ball mold (which I highly recommend).
If you google 'bullet casting' you'll find lots of pics that give the general arrangement of the lead casting pot.
My tips are:
The pot is about 110mm diam by 110mm deep. I used 2x 300W cartridge heaters, inserted through stainless compression fittings welded to the rear of the pot. This gives a 15-20min melt time for about 7Kg of lead.

The Temp-o-matic is just an ebay PID controller and solid state relay that has a GPO and thermocouple plug on the back. I use it for all my seldom used temp controlled devices.

The 'valve' is just a tapered pin in an oriface welded to the bottom of the pot.  I lapped it in, but I really doubt that this was necessary.  What IS necessary is some means of adjusting the lift on said pin to limit max flow.  I used a collar and grub screw arrangement. Fiddly to set, but I haven't had to adjust it. Other setups use a screw as a stop.

At a sitting, I'm making about 100 balls, I guess that's about a Kg lead... Happy with that.

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neat arrangement but WHY ??? :headbang:


--- Quote from: howsitwork? on October 31, 2016, 04:51:27 PM ---neat arrangement but WHY ??? :headbang:

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Easy: He just needs a load of balls!


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