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Citric Acid Concentration?

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I have a new project that's starting out pretty rusty. I thought it might be a good time to try citric acid but not sure of the mix ratio and timed involved. Input or redirection appreciated.

I use a couple of cup fulls of crystals in a two gallon bucket of warm water.

Yesh. Even weak solution will do if you use hot water (and long time). Citric acid is nice because it does not stink.

Cheap alternative is to use vinegar. Works better again when heated, but it smells pretty much....I use it in the summer outside. Overnight eats away slag and rust away from hot rolled stock.

Both needs cleaning after, I use mild soap, stiff nylon brush and wear cloves.


 Cloves would smell nice.

Thanks, it would seem the concentration isn't too important.  Unfortunately I don't have a good way to keep it warm, but it can sit in the corner doing it's work.

I'll try to get some "before" pictures up in a new thread, but with all the different projects I always have on the go I tend not to document the work along the way anymore.


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