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Hi all, Im slowly remachining a set of castings for the 2inch bore Ericsson Stirling engine and have reached the stage of making the liner that is once I find a supplier for some tubing   :doh:
The question is The drawings I have show the diameter of the displacor as 1 3/4 dia and this just seems rather small to rattle around a 2inch bore and I seem to remember some mention of a mod at onetime
She is an ex Stilldrilling orphan :beer: that was pried from his fingers

When I built mine I made the displacer  piston and cylinder out of  car exhaust pipe, size is not too important but you need a reasonable clearance about 3 mm is fine . I filled the displacer piston with wire wool to help it work as a regenerator
For the power cylinder  I used a cast iron liner with the piston machined out of a brake caliper piston from a car.  Mike

I have scratch built three Rider-Ericsson`s in different sizes working from the book S&S engines you can build, and I thought the displacer clearance was way to large. My engines range from 1-1/2 bore down to .60 bore  and have gone for .030 to .040 ins clearance, I  would think .050 ins would be about right for a 2 ins bore, just watch out for concentricity.

Thanks Mike and Hugh  the info is greatly appreciated
Just need to find some tubing then I can make a start

Heyup Marra!
 I see you are still trying to blame me, for your misfortunes.......  :palm:

Just ordered several lengths of s/s tube for Boris. You should find what you need, here......

Good luck, ma duck!  :thumbup:



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