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George Konstantinidis:
Hi all,

our business has been steadily growing and we have been branching out into new fields. Besides the extremely popular and rare BCN3D Sigma 3D printers (voted best printer of 2016 by we are starting up in light machine tools. We presented our range at the Bristol Model Engineering Societies exhibition this year with good interest and very positive feedback. Here is a write up of the whole exhibition (

So without waffling on too much I present to you the EMV-25VBB (working on the name):

We have stock of all the bits you will need to get you started and yes I am working on a conversion kit and will be looking to expand into cutting tools at some point. In the mean time we are doing a bundle to get you started,
( With this bundle you will be well on your way to getting a very capable machine ready for making your own CNC conversion parts.

Bundle includes:
Stand and drip tray
ER25 collet set
ER25 safety wrench
5 off ER25 TTS style tool holder
R8 3/4" collet.

Videos of the machine running to following very shortly along with the new larger CNC machine that I am hoping to tune a release before the end of the year.

Should you have any questions or comments do drop me a line.



tom osselton:
It looks the same as mine from busy bee just changed knob positions.
On mine the motor is the weak spot the brush nearest the colum heated up fusing it to the brush cap making it imposible to take out they exchanged motors I put in brass spacers between the brush and cap so they won't fuse again next time the wire pulled out of the brush the front brush is fine. After the first episode I 3d printed a fan mount to help draw out heat but I guess it didn't help much. They are a nice machine but they should do a load test and check out the motors.
Any thoughts?

PS I now keep 2 sets of brushes as spares.

George Konstantinidis:
Well you will be glad to know mine has a 1.1kw dc brushless motor :D no brushes and super quiet too

Vid to follow

tom osselton:
That is good to hear I bought a spare motor last time just for emergencies another thing I found was a very poor quality fuse holder that lost contact making me wonder what happened! Do you sell the motors seperate for upgrades for the people in my boat?   :)
I put a Dro Pro 4 axis dro on mine.
They are a nice machine just need a little tweaking glad to see your on the right track!

PS Another thing I would like to see on them is wider and longer nuts for tramming my son stripped the lower one no problem!

George Konstantinidis:
Hi Tom,

Send me a photo of your mills head and I will see what I can do. The motors are not that expensive.


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