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Where did I put that silver solder???

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Nah, not happy with that cupboard, lets re-drill the hole, get it spot on, then call it a day.

Clakking bell!

Couldn't hit it better even if you aimed. That is a skill. Or calling.

Probably better shut up, because there is no way anybody can make you feel better.


As we say in my country... "It's all in the wrist!".

I briefly tried "Hey honey, I've added a water feature to the new kitchen!" The only problem was, she was standing under it at the time.......

Cracking shot  :thumbup: :lol: :lol: :lol:

My father did that but with a nail when building this house. We ended up with it after he passed and sure enough we had a leak in the laundry and once the panel was removed there it was, nail had corroded and because the pressure valve (anti hammer device) died it rattled and broke away the corrosion. It was Wallaby Ted's mate Roo Ted that made me pay out.


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