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Sunday night night cap New Mill

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--- Quote from: krv3000 on September 19, 2016, 04:34:29 PM ---john as going over mik's o wed will have a boot full of toys for you

--- End quote ---

Champion Bob
I look forward to it
Your scribe block is in high demand

John Rudd:
Very nice machine John :dremel:
Enjoyed the video of its arrival too :beer:

Shame you're not selling the 626....I'm looking to buy one soon... :coffee:

Keep up the good work.. :bow:

So what had to leave to free up the space?

Elliot drill press was sold
Band saw and grinders now in the casting shed

So lesson learned: If you move stuff around enough you CAN free up space!!

"Sell Stuff?" Never!! :bugeye:

I am moving stuff around a lot and have freed up some space!


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