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Crucible camera pouring cast iron.

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Hi everyone.

I have always wanted to mount a camera on my pouring trolley but because getting someone with good camera skills when I need them can be difficult. It turned out so well I wished I had done this a lot earlier. Really great results can be expected using cheap green sand, the plaques came out excellent in cast iron. Have a look at the video.   

Thanks Ironman, that camera mount worked well. Sure beats some videos where the camera is sprayed around like a garden hose.
   Your castings turned out super too. As a resident of the mentioned state, Why your interest on the old Slow Easy Comfortable mob?
  Ah Memories.

John B

How could I resist making a copy of such a beautiful plaque.

Excellent work (as always) Ironman - you make some beautiful castings  :thumbup:

I follow you on youtube, I find your videos very well done and useful!

Thank you!!
Regards, Matthew.


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