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Tested the power unit today.....put my meter on it and it went from 23.4volts to smoking in about 4 seconds :zap: it worked last year, must have been damp in the corner on the floor.. just ordered a new one  of the correct value for the job...i think!
Made a start on the adapter for the table, i will use 1/8 wall steel tube as i have some of that. I fixing
plate is 1/2 plate as that is all i had to hand, i will look for some thing a little thinner for the table end
of the tube. I have a coupling and bored it to size, i will get the lad to weld it up as his welds look better
than mine..

I wrote a very capable rotary table controller that runs on an Arduino and it is available for download over at home model engine maker.

It pushes the Arduino about as far as possible but you don't need  to do any programming to get it going as its all user configurable and stored in EEPROM

I know Steve and have said a number of times that it is just a giveaway!! 38 for a built and tested module  :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
I`ve got a couple of them and have built a few over the years before he offered the shop (although even my very first module he made for me). I admit, I`m not a total electronics wiz but I can fumble my way around a circuit board but the time it took me to print and etch the board alone is worth 38!!

Works flawlessly. Cracking piece of kit. A+++ The mans a genius!

I don`t often bother writing reviews  :med:

Tis all good stuff this, thanks all.
A Drat goes in here, Re: last nights pu test and Lucas release of the magic smoke..
Today whilst moving stuff in-order to find stuff :doh: i found another 24volt PU @5A
and it works, i only ordered a replacement last night :doh:
tis all coming together i made the tube and ends just need a welder now.

Tube made dummy fit and and tack welded by me :dremel: sand/grit blasted, took it up to the lad to weld correctly. I then sand/grit blasted  it,
primed and given to number 2 son to paint as he just happened to be painting a Suzuki Bandit in blue :thumbup: So just waiting for a PU and the electricary stuff from Kwackers now.


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