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that is what i had Will, the M542 it did not work at all the L.E.D lite up but no movement.
The cheap one i have now ( in-fact  i have two as yesterday another arrived ) is the 6600 micro stepper driver no name.
 it has on the plate
micro step       pulse/rev     s1     s2    s3
nc                    nc                 on    on    on
1                     200               on    on    off
2/a                  400               on    off    on
2b                   400               off    on    on
4                     800               on    off    off
8                     1600             off    on    off
16                   3200             off    off    on
32                   6400             off    off    off

current(A)       PK Current       s4          s5              s6
0.5                  0.7                   on          on              on
1.0                  1.2                   on          off              on
1.5                  1.7                   on          on              off
2.0                  2.2                   on          off              off
2.5                  2.7                   off          on              on
2.8                  2.9                   off          off              on
3.0                  3.2                   off          on              off
3.5                  4.0                   off          off              off

i have dips 5 and 6 set on, for 2.5   and   2.7
it is dc: 9 to 42vdc and is running 24volts.
As said it is very slow ( well to me it is ) the 4" chuck is turning on continuous at around 1 inch a min. a little more speed would be good but again it will only be used on the mill, but i can turn it by arthritic hand faster :clap:

What are S1, S2 & S3 set at?

Could be you're set at 32 microsteps.

I don't know how you are sending pulses to the driver but if your controller can index say 1/10 rev does asking it to do that actually move the table 1/10th rev.



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