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Do we have any model boat builders on the forum ?

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I used to build plank on frame models (Billings) in my YOOF....   I was looking at some scale speed boats when I happened on this, and fell madly in love with this model.

The guy does a fantastic job on the build thread, and leaves me a little surprised he didn't build the lower part of the outboard motor, but he is forgiven.  If you can't bear the whole thread jump to the last 12 pages....

I would love to build something like this, CNC made parts.   The plan is FREE, just need to convert it to a CAD based model for routing or laser cutting.   Anyone fancy a group build, seems a shame to do the work for a one off.

mexican jon:
That was 1 hell of a good read  :lol: The detail level is something else  :drool: :drool:

Incredible detail and a very interesting description.


The site is just full of gems

This style of build being particularly close to my heart.  I love the fact they have incorporated google translate into the website.

John Rudd:
I'm building the River Queen by Vic Smead.....based on the African Queen, steam driven...I'll post up some snaps when I get home...


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