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What to do with a junked Subaru ej20 engine

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Hello all,

Whilst driving to work the other day I managed to loose several teeth from the timing belt in my Subaru Liberty (legacy to those in the US and possibly elsewhere) the result was a collision of valves and Pistons and subsequently a changeover engine was installed in my car as the cost of rebuild including Pistons was going to be greater than a changeover.

I dragged home the dead engine with a view to salvaging useful parts and putting the little bits of aluminium away for a bit of foundry work before taking the rest of the engine to the scrap yard. Just for reference it's the 2.0 litre NA ej 20 engine and had done 160,000km or 100,000 miles and was more than 20,000 km off being due for its next timing belt replacement.

So... What's worth the effort to salvage? Injectors and all of the sensors etc are easy to grab. Should I dig deeper for other components for spares or useful bits in the shed. I think the wrist pins might be a bit small at 23mm for cylindrical squares but I'm happy to be corrected. The timing belt tensioners are nice bearings so I have kept them.

What are your thoughts?

Depends on what You do, and how much.
I once kept many parts from a BMMW2002, and never used them.

If you use chains for motion, those components might be useful, if there are any (no idea).
Timing belt sprockets, maybe.
Oil/water pump, gas pump, depending.. if they are electric can be useful.

A new electric pump for anything is dirt cheap, today.
Dirty, used, out-of-spec components are not useful for much.
Sort-of-useful auto parts are not useful in the auto stuff, mostly, perhaps pumps and fill plug excepted.

Modifying anything to be in-spec is more difficult and expensive than new import bits.
It is harder to measure a timing sprocket than make a new one.
Or buy a new one for 10-20-30.

Weigh it in an buy a few beers with the money  :beer:


Search ebay to see what Suberu spares are fetching .

Beware: Old Fart Ruminating  :bugeye::

A long time ago when i worked in Manchester I got to know a scrap yard dealer who had the contract with the council to clear up and take away abanoned cars etc.

Les used to take off a few parts, take out the engines blocks, gear box and diffs.

The body was sent to the crusher and he was paid "light iron"

The big bits were weighed in at a slightly higer price (like mixed iron)

My point was at the time:

Given a source of cheap labour (me) and a few power tools an engine block could be stripped down into pure metals relatuively easily:

Cast Iron/Alloy Blocks
Cast Iron/Alloy Heads
Nuts/Bolts/Hi-grade steel

Gear Box would be Alloy housing and lots of hi-grade steel

Doing this on a few blocks would surely up the scrap value??

I have always loved taking tings apart and sorting out the bits and pieces!


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