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Hi everyone
To all the aussies on this list I recently visited a really great facility in Brisbane. It would be of interest to builders of model engines and workshop equipment. It has a foundry and machine shop. You can make patterns and take them there and they will cast copies for you. If you want to learn how to pour your own castings you can sign up and learn how to make moulds and furnaces. Either way this facility would be very useful to the hobbist. It seems to be some sort of mens shed arrangement so it would not be expensive to sign up.

Have a look at the video I made. 

If you would like to learn more about the North Pine Trades Guild click onto the link.

Safety doesn't seem a priority while pouring but each to their own I guess.  :bugeye: Other than that would be a good place to be a member of  :beer:

Yeah, I too noticed the bare legs. It is hot up north though but could get a whole lot hotter down the shinbone with a spill. They do seem to be wearing cloth spats at least so perhaps won't get a shoe full of molten metal? Good that they will cast from your own patterns but a bit far to travel from Victoria though.

John B

SwarfnStuff The cloth spats are to stop molding sand falling into their boots!

Thanks  Ironman.
     Sand in my boots would be the last of my worries during the melting and moulding process.  :scratch:
     If you want to see another example of risky (IMO) hot metal use check out YouTube's, "Back yard scientist"
Oh well, as has been said previously by Pete, "Each to their own".
      I learn stuff every day on this site, perhaps cos I don't know much to start with. Certainly never done any serious metal melting but I do have a scar on my leg from molten lead as a 12yr old. Ah, memories.
John B.


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