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Evening chaps

A mate of mine gave me this thing ,no idea what its off ,any one recognise it ?   Aluminium frame ,well made .

Removed the bellows for a look see .

Looks like it may make a canny wee plasma table , work area 500mm x 400mm

or maybe a router  :coffee:



Absolutely no use at all Rob. Seeing as you're a mate I'll get rid of it for you FOC  :lol:

John Stevenson:
Plasma, router, not much difference.
It could be made to do either but for a router you would need a Z axis and that beam might be a bit skimpily built to support one. Hard to tell from pictures.

Plasma would be easier and then you just want of those controller that Joules was playing with.

Ignore that Mawson bloke, he's only jealous.

It's not been used as a router theres no sh*t / dust in the bellows , take it from me ruter dust is hard to get out completly .

The motors are 1980's style 4 wire ?  They are pre hybrid (modern motors)  The frame looks like it came out of a light sensitive environment with it's dark anodised finish.  I got a hit on Hewlett Packard using these motors in a gas chromatograph, so it's most likely high end stuff that this came out of.

i.e   NOT one of these....


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