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repairing a peli case

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not sure as 2 holes makes me an expert!, i did learn more in filling the smaller 6mm holes
(initially left those alone, as if i had struggled with the larger holes the smaller holes were in a position where i could have tapped, and screwed on feet!)
with the 6mm holes i counter sunk both sides... filled the outer, and flattened it off with the blade of a knife before it cooled
then just did the back
i should have countersunk, or bevelled the edges of the larger holes more to give me room for filler

the gas iron is a weller, with just a hot air attachment... no hole to take filler... i just did the job similar to what you would gas weld, or braze... dipping the filler (cut off slice of the sheet ) in and melting it in

tom osselton:
Ok I thought it may mave been one of this type.

one of those... apparently for unsoldering


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