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I have alreday posted about fitting the ES-12 DRO to my SX2P mill na dthe ES-8 to my ML-7

I now have a question about the "SPEED" basic function as described on page 5 of both manuals.

The lathe (ES-8) works as described; Press and hold the X or Y axis selector for > 0.6 seconds, and you get a XS or YS feed speed display which is naturally zero as you have not twidlled any feeds. Apply feed to the selected axis and the fedd rate increases/decreases as you feed in X and Y

The Mill (ES-12) does NOT behave the same way: Press and hold an axis and it may display a feed rate of 452 mm/min! or some other random number.

Applying feed (+axis or -axis) just increments/decrements the displayes mm/Min!

Anyone else have this behaviour?


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