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air rifle, maybe some day?

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I've had an inexpensive air rifle, bought to solve a red squirrel problem in the walls of the house after trying everything else I could think of to convince them to leave. Worked. That was about 5 years ago. It's been sitting in the back of a closet for quite awhile, but recently I took it out ans started shooting at paper targets. I'm kind of amazed how accurate it is, after finding that one particular pellet seems to favor it, and I find myself thinking about maybe some day trying to build an air gun for the heck of it.

The one I have is called a Crosman Storm XT and it really shoots a very small pattern with the Crosman hollow point pellet. Doesn't seem to like much else.

I can't find anything at all online about how to build an airgun, except for a reference to an out of print book for what looks like a pcp gun. And I think the break barrel springer is more the way I want to go.

I think the way I might approach it is to just take apart my present gun and do a small project with it at a time. For instance, I could try to make a replacement trigger block for it, but machined or hand made, instead of stamped and bent sheet metal parts. That could be the whole project. The gun would work with the original parts.

Then I could try to replace other parts. Eventually the whole gun would be a new one that I'd made. With any changes that seemed desirable added along the way. Seems like it would be a good way to learn compared to just jumping in with an unproven design and no experience. Kind of appeals to me as a set of smaller projects. Probably by the time I got through, I'd want to remake the trigger block again. You could probably go around through the steps several times as you thought of new things you wanted to try.

Not what I want to do, but this is kind of a blast from Mathias at Thought he was such a mild mannered type, too!Came across it looking for airgun construction info. kind of a cross between a muzzle loading ball firing musket and an airgun. surprising the amount of power it has -- a little scary and cob jobby, but clearly it works. And makes an entertaining video.

Hey Steve,not heard from you in a good while,welcome back.

A close friend of mine is a gun smithing enthusiast and  has built a range of weapons from air pistols,rifles right through to competition centre fire pistols (he's a mean shot too)

Anyway I'm pretty certain he'd be happy to share info and give you some advice with a project if you decide to go ahead.

I could put you in direct email contact with him if you like.

Just for interest scratch building usually starts with a commercially obtained barrel blank which has been machine rifled.

Your small target grouping observation doesn't surprise me at all. I've owned many accurate air rifles in the past and they are often that way because of the relatively low forces exerted on the mechanics and the consistency of the air volume produced to project the pellet from one shot to the next.

Also agree,different rifles shoot sweeter and show a preference for a particular brand of pellet.

Years back I used to own a much modified BSA  Super Meteor that had lethal accuracy with Jackal Jet pellets.......OZ.

Hi Steve,

We have seen a couple of air gun builds on here. I will look for the links.

Are you talking about the book "building a modern air gun"?


Here is one of the links.



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