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So as not to hijack an existing thread:

Whilst idlly searchin ePray I came acroos this package:

So it looks a good price for 3 big steppers and their drivers. Also you get a PSU to power the system.

Also their is the controller. This is the bit I am not clear about. There is vague reference to a computer downloading g-code which can then nbe run, there is also manual jogging type control or even the ability to write and edit g-code in the controller.

Any one got one? Any comments?

Quite a bit worries me over that advert Will.  You still need a PC to feed that setup g-code.  They never show the screen being used and "WHAT" it really shows.  The picture of the control box in the top photo has two ports, then the photo of the PCB lower down shows 3 ports.  The LCD has a ribbon cable and no obvious connection for the screen on the PCB.   They might just be incompetent at producing an advert....  OR not...

I agree Joules, Its a bit vague as to what it can interface with.

Price is tempting tho!

Similar price as compared to the stand alone controllers (with USB g-code i/f)  but WITHOUT: driver interface, Steppers and the PSU

Others have commented on the control aspect of the device. So I'll just chip in on the drives.

TB6600 drive IC's are everywhere these days. They are actually OK little devices, certainly they are dirt cheap.
You just need to be aware of their limitations. 
The big one is voltage. They are rated to 42V, but because steppers act like generators on deceleration and there is nothing to clamp the voltage, then you'd be ill advised to run them above about 30VDC (I have one running at 36V). 

This is important because (baring some issues with motor inductance) stepper max speed is a function of voltage.  As an example, I run the little NEMA23 motors in my mill at 75V and (with 5mm pitch screws) get 4m/min rapids. Our full sheet router at work runs NEMA42s at >100VDC.

The other thing is that these cheap drives have no protection against common problems. A broken wire in a stepper cable will destroy the drive.

Like I said, I'm not bashing these things, I think the last TB6600 drive I bought cost about AU$15 landed. At that price I keep a few in stock for projects..

For what it's worth, I Would be wary! After going down dodgy eBay adds twice before and a cheap TB6560, I paid the price for my latest cnc adventure and purchased 3 separate drivers, new motors, break out board from cnc4you. You can't compare...just my opinion but it's worth waiting a few weeks/months and getting something that works well. Cheaper will only ending up costing when you want to upgrade, and You will do. Just from my limited experience....


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