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DDCSV1.1 4 Axis controller

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I'm reading the post thread, but with the language I defend myself badly and I have to act as a translator.

I have a ddcsv2.1 4axis and a ddcsv1.1 3axis

in the ddcsv I want to install pandora

I have two questions:

1: has it been possible to make the 4th axis work in the ddcsv1.1 3 axis?

2: what firmware do I install?
pandora 08/26/2918 or factory

Thanks in advance

Yes, you can do 4 axis.  I have done 4 axis work on my DDCSV.

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Is it necessary to do something in the ddcsv or does updating the firmware activate the 4th axis?

thanks for answering

It's been too long, I dont remember; sorry!

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I believe that somewhere in this thread it was determined that the only difference between a 3 axis controller, and a 4 axis controller was the firmware.  You could load the 4 axis firmware update into what was originally a 3 axis controller and you would then have a 4 axis controller.

If you loaded the 3 axis update into your 4 axis controller, well then you just turned it into a 3 axis controller.

I believe that discussion was within the first year or two of this thread starting up.  I remember seeing the discussion as I was reading through this thread when I was trying to decide what flavor of CNC controller to use in my build.



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