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So, can some body who has done the convert on say...the sx2p or the like, mini mill. Do a list of the parts required to make this CNC thing happen
Please?? that would/could get the ball rolling, we just then need to find the kit and price it up ,then,then,then :doh:

OK 39 Reads and no replies, so here goes.

I've converted an SX3 to 4 Axes. I'll ignore the 'power of the fourth' for this reply.

Required Ingredients for 3 Axes;
3 BallScrews and Nuts. (preferably Metric, as it's easier to calculate Step/Distance ratios).
3 Stepper Motors. (as powerful as you can afford).
3 Stepper Motor Controllers. (Must match or exceed the Motor Specs).
1 Breakout Board. (Many on the market, I use the one from Gecko in the SX3 build.).
... An alternative is the Gecko G540 which consists of a 4 Axis Controller with a Breakout Board in one Package. (I have one of these on my 1200X1200X300mm CNC Router).
1 Power Supply Unit. (the more Volts the better. If you research the Gecko G540, there is a package deal with a PSU).
1 Computer with a native Parallel Card. (New Software/Hardware can run USB but I have no experience of it yet).
Mach3 or similar Software.
CAD/CAM Software or ability to write G-Code by hand.

You will also need;
6 Thrust Bearings.
3 Std Ball Bearings.
3 Stepper Motor to BallScrew Couplings.
If the Stepper Motors are not directly coupled to the BallScrews, Non-Backlash Belts & Pulleys are required, (AT5 Series Suggested).
You will also need Material to fabricate new ends for each Axis as the existing End Mounts for the LeadScrews will probably not fit.
You will also need some means to machine and fabricate stuff whilst your Mill is in pieces.
Assorted Wire, Cables & Connectors.

I hope that this helps.

This any help Lyn

Rob :dremel:


--- Quote from: RobWilson on July 20, 2016, 05:14:47 AM ---This any help Lyn

Rob :dremel:

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I used those to convert my mill the 1st time around. I am actually using a different set of plans (that are free) for the next iteration of my X2

Oh I do like free!

Any updates/links?


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