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Will, easy way to think of PWM is on-off, just very rapidly with varying mark space ratio, in most cases on-off can usually suffice.  My router has a 3 phase spindle, but the old controller couldn't control it, so I just used a single line to toggle the spindle power and set the speed manually.

I was/am looking at the Arc Euro X1LP as a possible cnc conversion.  It could also be used as a ganged lathe for small stuff.  I already have a suitable UC100 USB controller and UCCNC software, so would have a hard time justifying to the BOSS that another controller would be a wise purchase   :poke:

However toys are toys   :D


--- Quote from: Will_D on July 09, 2016, 07:11:01 AM ---So as a complete novice in the realms of CNC:

Any hints/tips/suggestions please ??

--- End quote ---
I made one mod to the box.

As shipped, the unit runs from 12VDC. This isn't so bad as most CNC driver boxes and up with a few different supply voltages in them.
Because I wanted to be able to just plug this into a bench supply and run the drives and controller from 24V, I made a small change to the units power supply.
The switch mode regulator used will happily handle 40V input, but, for reasons unknown to science, the designers elected to put a 16V electrolytic cap on it's input.
I swapped this for a 35V 220uF and now everything runs fine at 24V.


Cool project  :thumbup: , are you making your own filament ? 

 I myself have been looking at purchasing one of those CNC controllers from Banggood  for a CNC Plasma project .   

Seams like a good way of getting away from Mach3 and the space saving of not  needing computer and screen .

Whats your thoughts on build quality ? using the micro SD card to load files ?   

Thanks Rob

Most interesting question is: What it is used to? To make extra high Q coils or to make extra lightweight and strong boron/unobtanium composites?

Or something even more exotic?


Sorry for hijacking your thread. Since there is a lot of interest in your control box, I thought I'd post some potentially useful information for anyone planning to buy one.
I've bought one of these

It is waiting to be fitted on to a 6040CNC router when I get some spare time. It seems to have better specifications than most other similarly priced single  box controllers. The user manual is 95% understandable and actually has a decent amount of information in it. If you are buying one of these single box controllers, make sure that it isn't one that has a limit on the number of lines of code that it can process. They don't make it clear on the advertisements. That information is usually buried deep within a poorly written and even more poorly translated user manual.

Here is a link to the user manuals for the commonly available ones

If you can't find the manual for the one I linked let me know. I can email it or upload it here.


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