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So this thing's just about ready for action.
The little CNC controller is great. I initially experimented with reprogrammed 3D printer electronics. Don't do this...

Nice one PK, a filament winder is on my wish list since I saw the X Winder on Kickstarter.

I am disappointed to see you have gone with such a basic controller.   :lol:


--- Quote from: Joules on July 08, 2016, 03:47:19 AM ---I am disappointed to see you have gone with such a basic controller.   :lol:

--- End quote ---
'Overkill' is my middle name!

I cant recall the price, but it was something like AU$250 landed. Which is only slightly more than I would have spent on a smooth stepper + isolation. That being the way I've been controlling machines for the last few years..
This one will do 4 axii, the other two of which I may well add as this rig evolves...

That controller is actually pretty nifty...  I thought it was something much more expensive till I did a search for them.

Turned up an interesting video review with a link to further documentation for it.   I should maybe consider one of these for my old CNC router, and other potential toys.  I do like the D25's on the back for direct interfacing with equipment, so the head can be quickly swapped to other machines.

So as a complete novice in the realms of CNC:

I assume this box interfaces to:

1. Simple limit switches(understood),

2. Stepper motor drivers (these handle the high power for whatever motors are being used)(think I inderstand)

3. Some form of spindle speed control (either PWM or 0 -10V)(Not really understood

It can be used manually or fed a G-code program via the card slot.

I think this would make a very nice CNC add on for my Sieg X2P

Any hints/tips/suggestions please ??


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