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John Rudd:
I've attempted several times now to make a replacement cooling fan for my drill that I'm refurbishing....(in fact I have somewhat of a collection now amounting to around 18 of them...different models of course...)
The last effort resulted in me missing an index point on the rt and resulting yet another failure...

So I'm thinking, a metal mold machined frim aluminium, with slots cut and a recess bored for a boss to cast a fan using some form of plastic or fibreglass/resin compound...

I need the process to be repeatable as I need six of these fans..... :scratch:

Any thoughts on a suitable casting material?

Hi John

What about sticking the broken motor fan back together and taking a silicon mould from that , then make resin castings from that .

Just a thought mate .


PS I went for option two ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, curry and bear   :beer:

Err ... you can buy the damn things. Had them from here, generic, fairly easy to modify.
Shipping took about a week or so IIRC.

Have a shufti, see if you can find one near enough to modify.


PS What flavour was the bear ???  Starter or Pudding course ???  We need to know !!!

John Rudd:
Thanks Dave, had a look but the larger diameter ones are difficult to mod becausecthe blade tips are unsupported...I think they will just rip if I try to machine it...

Machine ???  Mine were polypropylene I think.

Machined the blades with  'state of the art' multi-axis Gilbow tinsnips ..  :thumbup:

A bit primitive down here you know. Almost qualify to be Geordies ..  :lol:



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