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scooter main stand


tester for you lads piaggio x7 250 scooter main stand the bolt goes through a steel sleeve into the engine 10mm thread with nut on the end which tightened up on the lugs of the stand keeps it on
the bolt has seized inside the steel sleeve i've whacked it as hard as i dare with a hammer bearing in mind it passes through the bottom of the engine so have to be careful or it's scrap a bit worried if i apply heat might damage the engine short of taking the engine out and using a hydraulic press can't see how it will come out any suggestions will be welcomed

Run the engine and get it hot.  Paint some diesel on the bolt and hope it wicks in a little.

Or if Joules's suggestion doesn't work.

Cut/drill/grind the head off and use the nut to pull it out.


job done it just needed a bigger hammer
thanks for the replys



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