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Painting a plastic garden chest

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I have a plastic cupboard or chest intended for the garden, bought from B+Q, size about 2m left to right, 1.5m f to back and 1.5m high.  The lid is black plastic and the front, back and sides are a creamy colour plastic.
I would like to tone down the creamy colour to make it less obvious in the garden; what would be the best kind of paint to use?  Most paints are water based these days but should I search for a 'fancy' solvent-based one, or will common emulsion do? 
Sorry to introduce a rather mundane i.e. uninteresting subject.


Not sure which country you are in, but Home Depot and Lowes sell a spray paint designed for plastic. Especially the garden/outdoor plastic stuff. Used it on some chairs and it worked out pretty good.


Sorry, didn't think about the country, which is the UK.
Thanks for the reply which alerts me to the fact that there are special paints for plastic.
Life used to be so simple; it is a pity that we didn't realise it at the time.


This is the stuff I have been talking about.



Ven -I have one of those plastic chests, mostly used for sitting on. My advice is to just leave it out in the garden, will soon self colour in dust and green stuff.


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