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I've owned a few imports including a couple of Nissan Largo's and a Toyota Levin. Things like drop link and anti roll bar bushes are pretty standard patterns. In fact most of this stuff used to be made in Avon for all car manufactures.

Just look on ebay for what looks like what you want and ask the dealer if they have what you need in the size you want. Having cars where manuals are few and far between is hard work when it comes to fixing. it would help If we knew what parts specifically you need? what car it's for? Most parts for Nissan interchange on the old Bluebird with the more modern Primera. The KDE engine for example is one of the most world wide sold engines to other car manufacturers.

Thanks all, i will ask the lad to get more info.


--- Quote from: awemawson on May 17, 2016, 04:48:19 PM ---Polyurethane always used to be the rage for Land Rover bush replacements. Not heard of home made ones, but Alec Tiranti of Reading used to sell kits of various moulding plastics and resins

--- End quote ---

I have turned quite a number of polyurethane rubber bushes for suspension components.

It requires really sharp knife tool and a fairly high rotational speed for a decent finish but it can also be size finished in the lathe very effectively using a rotary tool and a sanding band.

One source of polyurethane that has about the perfect shore hardness is used/fired rubber bullet baton rounds.

See photo in link. The polyurethane projectile is the long brown object in the sectional view shown.


A little more info: Polyurethane is available to purchase in solid rod and tube forms of various sizes and shore hardness. See further down the linked page for rod and tube options.




You don't say which model the car is .



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