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A popular method I have seen for motor mounts is using 3M Window-weld urethane.  Position the parts, squirt in the goo, let dry and trim.
I was thinking that stuff might work for making custom electric motor vibration isolators, etc.

Sorry for the long delay in getting a reply chaps, all done, i bought Poly stuff in 85 shore. The things were delivered to me still in the trailing arms and steel cased.. so i pressed them out, two sizes in each arm. One outer was split so i made a new one the centre tubes protruded 5mm each side so i drilled a hole in a flat lump of plastic and wrapped it in cling film stuff the tube into it ( 5mm thick ). I made a holder to fix the outer into position and mixed and pored all went well. They are now on the car and his mate in London is sending up his arms now.. :doh: thanks again for all the info. PS: i still do not have a clue what car they are from :scratch:


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