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hi all, i am after a bit of help from those in the NO...
I have a mate who wants to do up his old car ( the first car he ever bought and he found it on Ebay ) so he just had to have it.
It is and old Nissan ( Datsun ) in those days, it needs lots of rubber bushes and things like engine/gearbox mounts, all of these
are ( were ) ruberlastic type things, they have fallen to bits and are no-longer available. SO, can these be recast and if so what
with and where from?   Regards.  Lyn.
PS: i told him i would ask on here because some one will have already done it i said. :smart:

Good thing about nissans is they reuse a lot of tech across their cars. Just measure said bushes and order against size not car.

From what i can gather it is an import that was never sold outside Japan, even the Datsun/Nissan club lads can not find a match...
I thought i remembered from my yuff :coffee: some one sold a kit to make new bushes...but i just will not return to the single grey cell :doh:

Polyurethane always used to be the rage for Land Rover bush replacements. Not heard of home made ones, but Alec Tiranti of Reading used to sell kits of various moulding plastics and resins

Yes, polyurethane is the go. Quite easy to work with if you buy small qtys at a time (it tends to soak up moisture when left on the shelf). You can get it in all sorts of hardness'


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