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As some of you know from other boards, I admin google maps that show the locations of folks on the board.

I would like to look into the interest for Modders to have a map set up.  If there isn't one already.

I do not put markers on your address, just the general city you live near.

If you would like to see the one I maintain:

We have one on the Boxford users' forum. A good idea in my opinion, although only 10% of the members have posted. There seems to be huge paranoia about putting anything on line.

With all the exploits that are affecting Windows users, are you surprised.


It's not paranoia when Google can give every man and his dog a view of your house right down to street level simply by knowing your home co-ordinates.

It's surprising what you can glean from the header of emails etc. ISP etc.


It all depends how much information you wish to add. If you're going to put the full address then, yes, you're possibly asking for trouble. But town, borough or even road name isn't likely to bring the Mongol hoards descending on your workshop, is it?


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