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Another habit of mine is making, shooting, and trading slingshots.

Here is an aluminum cast of a natural someone traded me.

 :thumbup:   Looking good Toolshed , Thats a  canny casting project  and I fully understand the time ,effort and skill involved in producing that casting  :clap: :clap:

There is only one thing that spoils your good work , the photo is out of focus  :bang: , if you had only took the time to stop and think , looks like you have set the shot up on a chair  . if you have had rest your arms on the chair back to steady yourself and took the shot ,this also would have framed your work better  , take several shots in this digital age and picked the best of the bunch .

Above is meant to be  constructive ,not a dig . I see lots of lads good work spoiled by bad photos .

Rob  :wave:

Ps Andrew will soon be on your case

Oh ! forgot welcome to the forum  :nrocks:


Welcome to the forum.

(Don't mind Rob - he means well  :lol: )

640 x 480 is a good size for pictures to allow everyone to enjoy them

Being a bit picky now, but I would call that a catapult.

To me a sling shot is a leather pouch to hold a rock. And this is fitted with two lengths of cord .

You spin it around then release one of the cords. And the rock flies off at a tangent and kills Goliath.

What do the rest of you think ?



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