Author Topic: Easter sale on TTS type tooling and Smoothsteppers for Forum members  (Read 7801 times)

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Hello all,

with the blessing of Eric, the Brass machine I would like to extend my Easter sale to the members of Maddmodder.

My company is an official reseller of Warp9TD's Smoothstepper motion controllers and also UK stock of repeatable Z tooling for use with R8 and MT3/4 spindle milling machines identical to the Tormach tooling system.

 I use it on my converted KRV2000 machine and has saved me having to buy an ISO taper spindle. The repeatable Z tooling is not only for CNC but can also speed up manual machining too.

So if you always wanted a set of TTS but could not stomach the Tormach pricing, shipping to the UK and the EU VAT, head on over to my shop and see what you make of it.

You can then use Easter20sale16 to claim your discount. This discount also applies to the already discounted starter bundles.

UK residents also benefit from free shipping on all order. I have prices for some international locations also negotiated. If the system says something about unable to ship, drop me a line and I WILL get you a price for shipping.

On the weekend I will also be updating the site to include smaller size tool holders to take ER16 and ER20 collets:

But the jewel of the pack will be our face mills

Over the next few months I will be expanding the range of products with a very impressive hobby/ light industrial machining centre, the best value European 3D printers, 600x900 100W laser cutters and anything else I personally would use.

Any questions you may have will be answered so don't feel shy!

Kind regards


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Re: Easter sale on TTS type tooling and Smoothsteppers for Forum members
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Er20, ER16 holders and the Facemill are all now added to the webshop.

The voucher is still valid until the 1st of April too!

By the way, you do not need a Tromach to use these successfully. You just need an R8 taper spindle and our specially ground 3/4" collet