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Help identifying RC gas truck


Newbie with a question, which may not fit here.
Iím in the middle if cutting a spur and pinion for my buddies 23 cc gas truck.
I also would like to identify it for him. He bought it 10 years ago- German built, it came assembled.  Iíve asked else where with no reply. Since you folks are spread all over the globe, maybe some one will recognize it, or put me on the right track.
I donít think that is the original body.
Ill post the progress on the projects page, but itís very rudimentary. Archaic, compared to what Iíve seen there.
Thanks for any help Pat

It's an FG Modelsport truck.

I didn't recognise the model but the gears.   Used to race FG cars about 20yrs back  :(   where did time and finances go   :palm:

Thank you sir
That sure does look like it. I'll pass it along :thumbup:


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