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Yankee Tom:
Shop Theory is a bound collection of lesson sheets prepared by instructors in the Henry Ford Trade School for use in their classes.

Hand tool use, shop math, milling, all the usual suspects are here.

It may be found in used book shops, or on line. Lindsay Publications did a reprint of it.

Mine is an original, dated 1941. Its original owner identified himself as an Apprentice Seaman at Great Lakes naval training base, so I guess the navy liked the book, too.


Hi Tom , yes  it's a canny book  :thumbup:

Mr Ford even teaches  the difference between a rule and scale   and covers a wide range of subjects including  knurling , maybe professor yaffle should read it ,back then there was no need for a computer program to knurl a bit bar , it's  akin  to needing a computer  program to put your socks on in the morning  :coffee: 


Yankee Tom:
Hi, Rob.

Makers such as Starrett and B&S call them rules in their catalogs. Maybe the reason machinists call them scales is to eliminate any comparison with the cheap, nasty wood or plastic RULERS we used in school.



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