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Thwaites 2 Ton Two Cylinder Dumper Running On One Cylinder

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Many years ago - (probably 9 or so) I bought a 2 ton Thwaites articulated swivel tip dumper powered by an electric start two cylinder Petter 'PH2'. I got it as we planned to move to a place where I needed to break up and shift over an acre of concrete  :bugeye:

Well that move fell through, however it came in very handy at my current place. One cylinder was always a bit reluctant to fire up until warm but I 'got by' for all those years.

Truth be told shortly after I got it, I exchanged injectors between the cylinders to no avail, and checked that both were squirting mist, but I was inhibited from further investigation as not only was time very limited, but so was access to the engine. The seat frame arrangement spans the top of the engine, and as well as the seat it also holds the air filter, the hand brake lever and the tipping hydraulic control. Just unbolting it wasn't an easy option, so it got ignored  :clap:

John Rudd:
Is that you driving in the first picture? :)

Now this machine has done some serious shifting for me, but it's been getting progressively worse over the years. I managed to convince myself that the front cylinder must be low compression. So much so that when I was at a 'close out' sale of a plant hire place and I saw that they had some PH2 barrels and pistons I moved them from their shelf to mine for future repairs. Well those barrels have sat on my shelf for five years  :bang:

As most of my heavy building work is now done and time a bit freer I thought I'd have a crack at the dumper. First issue was that as it's an electric start with no way to hand crank it, I couldn't easily prove the low compression theory. The main crank shaft is 1.5" with a 3/8" key way, and on the hand cranked versions there is a special handle that has a trip dog that engages with this keyway.

Trouble is that handle wont fit through the hole in the back plate of this digger , also it costs 44  :bugeye:


--- Quote from: John Rudd on November 07, 2015, 11:03:02 AM ---Is that you driving in the first picture? :)

--- End quote ---

Oh yes - and that's my youngest daughter - whose now turned 30 and is married with two girls and another on the way  :bugeye: :bugeye:

Now I don't need to crank start it, it has a starter motor, but I do need to turn it over in a controlled fashion to check the valves and compression, so I welded up a rough and ready handle.

I did start to broach a keyway in that collar with the Bridgeport slotting head, but my 3/8"slotting tool wasn't long enough, so I came up with a 'bodge' key comprising three 3/8" slugs of mild steel welded into suitably placed holes.


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