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magazine pouch attachment to range bag


I have started bullseye shooting in a league and like to have enough mags to load up for each relay.
I have picked up a couple different brands on clearance or sale. They all have different means of carrying them. I tried carrying them in the range bage but I didn't think loose was a good idea. so looking around the shop I found some stuff that worked out a way that is the same no matter which pistol I shoot at the range.
Here are some photos of what I did.

one of the pouches, before

What you need grommets, and the punch and set with a hammer to install them plus a couple split rings or the key rings to go thru the grommets, and a strap with a D snap riing. These are camo key rings I picked up at a gun show.

Were I put the grommets, near the top corners of each side.

Finished product, works well and is easy to swap out the pouches for taking different pistols to the range.


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