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Melting ductile iron.

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Ironman, that was the best video of your furnace I've seen.  :clap: and I can tell It's exactly the same furnace as it was quite a few years ago, before YouTube, when I found a little website with photos of your shop and studied them over and over to figure out how this guy in Australia was casting iron with waste oil and propane ignition. It's a proven rig for sure. I wonder how many pounds of iron have gone through that furnace?

I remember you added phosphorus, I think, with your wire melt method, too. Is that mig wire? -- I kinda remember different -- copper wire I think it was. I'm going to guess that's just scrap from windings?

The burner, oil tank are all exactly the same. Except the vacuum cleaner was in a wood box, I think -- maybe a cushion over it. You used a pyrometer with blanket insulation over. Did a wedge test. I looked at those photos so many times I had it memorized.

I can't remember why the second large unconnected intake into the burner. Does that induct more air and slow it a little?

I wish I could find zirconium paint here. I'd build a bigger furnace with blanket insulation, then.

Great video, interesting to see ductile iron and results. Great detail on the furnace..... :clap: :clap: :clap: :bow: :beer:

tom osselton:
This doesn't look to bad.

Hey, good find, Tom!  :thumbup: :beer:

tom osselton:
Yes the US seems to have a good supply of everything I believe it is a plot so the goverment can charge the common folk duty!

Very impressive Ironman and the end produces look firstrate  :clap: :clap: :clap:


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