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Fergus OMore:
Grinding Rest in plastic? Certainly a very useful but perhaps expensive way of achieving a goal.
I would be trying to make something which normal machining would have difficulty in producing - or be too expensive.

Developing your good idea, why not make a goniostat in 3 D.  Hellish difficult to make in metal but able to hone lathe tools to perfection.  It's Holzapffel stuff, absolutely brilliant, highly collectable and so useful.

Me, I have thought of one several times but I have a mechanical one in the Quorn. Difficult to make but able to do weird and wonderful things- and would be a brilliant subject for 3D printing

My ideas, others may differ. But a Quorn in 3D printing, 'Just think'?


Well well, stumbling on this thread.  I now have to wonder if 3D printing the Quorn was my own idea, or if I saw this thread and the seed got planted ?   Anyhow, the idea is currently turning from virtual to reality, we shall see what we have further along the journey.


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