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Hey, long time lurker here, know a few of you from the mycncuk forum,

So I have a 30" sheet metal folder and folding 1.5mm aluminium is pretty easy.

Is there some sort of method or equation for producing accurate bends? I'm not so much talking about the angle, but more the expansion, crush and radius of the material.

If any of you have some tips, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks


Hi, and welcome - have some reading material :


That's just what I needed! I knew there was a bit more Math behind it.

Just a question though, If I calculate the K-factor of a 90 degree bend, Is that the same K-factor for a 45 degree bend?

Put better:
Is the K-factor a constant or is it per bend?

Thanks again.

John Rudd:

Have a look here....

Hope this helps...

It depends on how accurate you have to be. When I owned and ran a fabricating shop where supper accuracy was not that important I generally just used inside dimensions. For example if you wanted a 1" leg on 1/8" thick stock the bend line was at 7/8" and 15/16" on 1/16 thick stock. Using the type of bending equipment available in most home shops that is probably as good as you need. +/- .010 means nothing when you are eye balling the bend line on a hand brake.


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