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shaping upholstery foam

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On a few occasions we machined rubber for certain strange applications (no, not what you're thinking) but putting it in the freezer overnight. I wonder if that would work, or help, with foam materiel?  :scratch:

I believe it depends on the type of foam, with some high density foams freezing them would make them a breeze to machine.  (Especially the types made from soy-bean would stiffen when friezed).

I am skeptical if it would work on the foam commonly used in the upper parts of auto seats.

Problem solved, soak in water, then freeze and machine very quickly after freezing.

Beware, very messy!

Thanks for all the replies chaps.

The carving knife method is good for big straight cuts but you really want a double-blade type.

I'd never done upholstery before and had to work out a whole load of new tricks.

For sculpting motorbike seat foam (I suffer from Jack Russel syndrome - long body, short legs) I've always used a router motor with a 150 grit abrasive flap wheel, leaves a nice smooth flat finish.
Wear goggles and a good dust mask though, first time I felt like I had Something Serious for about 3 days afterwards...


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