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The legaility of building muzzle loading firearms in the UK

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Ref: black powder. You will need an explosives certificate which you apply for at the same time as your firearms or shotgun certificate. Itís nothing to be afraid of as itís a tick the box affair with two or three questions. Then you will need to have a specific wooden box to store the powder, these are readily available nowadays. In addition you need a metal gun cabinet and a safe room to store your arms. But the first thing you will need before all this is a good reason to possess a shotgun/firearm. Just saying I want one is not sufficient for the police. Most people belong to a club or stalk, in which case you will need the farmerís details or get the club details (if you are going down the route of a club then you will also need to satisfy the club that you are a suitable person by having a probation period before you can apply for membership). If you are lucky enough to have your own land then itís not a problem. Take a look at The Met Website:
All this depends on you being a good boy, and you are only allowed 15kg total which includes contents of shells/ammo and other shooters powders.
Enclosed explosives pdf.


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