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Joe d:
An longtime friend of mine can't shoot off-hand worth a damn.  During one range session last fall he borrowed a bench rest from
somebody, and after trying it then decided that I needed to make him one, and what the heck, make one for me too. (Nice guy).

So,  :proj:
and I got to work....

cut some lengths of allthread, turned, drilled, and tapped each end in the lathe, then milled a square section on one end for the knob
(horrible crap to turn, worse to tap!)

put a length of ali on the mill and cut flutes in it with a ball end cutter (and forgot to take a picture of the set-up) and then set it up in the lathe
and parted them off in turn, and milled the square with a 1/16" end mill

made up some "top-hat" shaped feet, these are held on with a washer and capscrew inside the "hat" , and then covered the bottom with some
peel and stick non-skid

the feet were turned, drilled & tapped, and here we are:

More to come....


Joe d:
and the story continues..

turned a chunk of 1018 to a tight fit in the tube I'm using for the body, used the band saw to remove the bulk of the
unwanted metal

and then tidied it up on the mill

this fitting captures a nut that elevates the cradle, so it needs a top piece, being rounded on the rotary table here

Took some rectangular tube and milled the ends to fit the main tube and the feet

at this point, filed chamfers on every edge that needed to be welded, stuck it all together with counter-sunk fasteners, and
called in a favour owed by the maintenance guy at work, who welded it all up for me. 

almost done....

Joe d:
and last installment:

the cradle is a bit of channel, with a length of allthread screwed in and then welded to the bottom, with a sand-bag laced on.
Turned the captive nut from 12L14, knurled it, made up some bronze washers for it to ride on, did some filing, a little filler here and
there, primer, top coat (rattle can hammered finish)

and here we are.

Now I will finally get back to the traction engine that has been patiently waiting for me..... :wack:

Cheers all, Joe

You did a nice job there Joe :bow:

Joe d:
Thanks Sid.


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