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tom osselton:
For anyone looking for manuals you might try here :
Modern Tool has an extensive library; literally thousands of original machine tool manuals, literature, and schematics. We have recently acquired the library of another major distributor, and we are now offering a new service: if you require a manual for any make or model of machine tool produced in the United States, Canada, Europe, or Asia, we may have what you are looking for!

John Stevenson:
so where is the manual link ??

Just thinking the same John ??? clicked everything in sight lol.
  Cheers Mick

Tom did you really post that? Cause it's looking a little like bot spam......

tom osselton:
Modern tool has been here for years and I have got a few photocopied manuals off of them if you like I can run down there and check it out or you could email them off their site.  What manual were you looking for?


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