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Hello Gentlemen , my uncle brought this over and gave it to me for Christmas. I've allways wanted one and have enjoyed watching this one run in the years past, what a nice gift. I'm not sure of the year of the machine i typed in the serial number on the computer but found nothing . It says  John Deere 1 1/4 horse power on the side and 300 rpm. If anyone knows how old it is please chime in. By the way it has about a 4 foot smoke stack not shown in pic and blows smoke rings when running, pretty cool . Thanx for looking

To my untutored eye it looks very much like the 1 1/2 HP to be seen at (dated 1941)
(dated 1926)

A magazine article gives the Model E serial numbers by date (see page 2)

The serial number on your engine appears to be an "S" rather than a "5", which means that either the man doing the stamping of the brass tags didn't have enough good "5" punches or yours isn't a Model E. If the former, yours is a 1931 Model E.

The fitting for the smoke stack on your machine looks like a later addition.

It looks as if it could be a 1932 model "S".  Either way it's a very nice gift.

Yup, great uncle - I wish I had one like that.

I had a good Google but couldn't find a reference to a "Type S" or "Model S" stationary engine. Has it got another name?

Thanx for the info Gentlemen, I checked the serial number and it's 321185 , according to steampunk's link , gas engine magazine that number falls in the year 1931. The elbow for smoke stack is an add on , originally it had a little muffler there . My uncle added the elbow and made the smoke stack out of an old drive shaft. He thought it looked neater with stack, I tend to agree. Thanx for the help.


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