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D.I.Y. Silicon bronze

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Hi everyone

I have been experimenting with making D.I.Y. silicon bronze called P.M.G. metal. I was amazed how ductile this alloy is. Have a look at the video. 


Hi Ironman, top quality video thanks for posting. I could not believe how thecsample doubled over like that are you going to do a videoof it being machined too ?
  Merry Christmas to you Cheers Mick

Well demonstrated  :thumbup:

I'm not entirely surprised that it bent like that, after all the main constituent is copper which is very ductile, and the iron and silicon proportions are relatively low.

Melt some scrap copper in a crucible and stir well with an iron poker and a considerable amount of your poker will dissolve into the copper. The resultant copper / iron alloy will bend like that. AMHIK  :ddb:

Hi Ironman!! Great to see you back. You are making me want to cast again! :clap: :clap: :clap: :bow:

 micktoon I did machine the sign casting and it turned out great.

 vtsteam I did not know that you stopped casting? anyway have a try of this experiment to get you back into it.


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