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My 3d printer, been keeping me busy working out issues, bugs, changes. It is getting closer, The Leveling bed,  the temp controller for the 23x24" floor-concrete backer board nichrome wire sandwich hotbed is to be wired next. Not the screw adjustable Z home limit for varying print height. Note the single X axis motor with dual shaft-belt drives??

Plan was for a 3d printer for sand casting models, acetone "slicking" of the abs prints and Lost-PLA casting. For continuing my hotrods and Harley hobby a bit longer. Each day I get closer to "DONE" with everything.  I thought I could carve with this machine too, I bought a Bosch router.. I was wrong, too damn slow cutting wood of varying hardness.. perhaps some of you other guys have enough patience for slow-motion work, but not I.   I chucked the 2hp router in the cnc bridgeport and went on with it.

Do you have pictures of your printer?


A few, mostly videos these days thou.. here are some I took time to resize this morning.

I have a STC1000 temp controller, fixing to wire that up to the hotbed I think.  Not real impressed with the accuracy I am getting through the Chinese electronics tied to the megatronics-arduino, hotbed or extruder.  It is a K thermocouple.. so it may get replaced with a spare PID like I put on my beer brewer.

If I had this to do over? it'd be a delta printer. When I started planning this, there was not enough information on the tuning and calibration of the delta-angular motion printers.  That is the best way to get a huge build area without eating up a large amount of floor space.  I had this xy axis on a stainless tub, unfortunately it sounded like a amplification drum for the singing the steppers made.  You could not bear to be close to the thing while it ran.

I bought 5lbs of injection blue wax, going to try later after the holidays to build a decent heated-tube wax extruder.  That will involve making a quick-mount for the heads.

Still happy with the V-slot & extreme rollers from openbuilds.  You could build a real nice Delta bot using that in half the time I have messed with this gantry.

Dawai, what is a delta carriage? Does it use an angular coordinate system?


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