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PVC collars

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Thanks Mick for sharing, a wealth of experience shown there in work holding.


well dun mick  :clap:

Nicely done, and shown, Mick!  :thumbup:

David D

Nice. Thanks for showing.

I tried once something similar and the drill wanted to pull the plastic cylinder out of the chuck. it does produce a loth of swarf I can tell.


A drill will try and tear the workpiece out from the jaws of the chuck, it will even attempt to tear it out of a vise as well.

If you happen to sharpen the drill as you would for drilling brass, then this eliminates that pulling effect when drilling.
You got to get rid of those sharp edges on the drill, as that is what tears into the plastic and frightens the bejesus out of you.
As usual, there has to be some yank on you tube, extolling the virtues of "backing of the cutting edge" on the drill.

Watch and cringe. :doh:


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